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So now that 1.3.1 is out of the way, we've cleaned up the branches in git.

There are now two main development branches available:

The branch formerly known as 1.3.1. This branch will be the base for an eventual 1.3.2 release. Mostly bugfixes should go in there but maybe some improvements will find their way into this as well.

The main branch and the base for any 1.4 development. This will be an unstable version (1.4.0-SNAPSHOT) for a while but all the new nifty things will be in there.

While speaking of 1.4 there is not yet a final plan for it. We'll need to sort out all of the bug and feature requests first. Please feel free to suggest other things you'd like to see in the comments or on the forum.

Both branches are available at</a> and at github</a>. Synchronizing both repos is a manual process at the moment but works pretty good thanks to git!

Ah and one final word about the git repository at Unfortunately the "code / git" menu lists the wrong repository. I've talked to their tech support on IRC and this can't be changed at the moment :/

The "develop" menu has the correct URL which is:

git clone git://</code>

So the correct</strong> URL ends with "nifty" and not</strong> with "nifty-gui"! Sorry about this =)