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Nifty 1.4.2 contains bugfixes and features. There might be some minor run-time incompatibilities with prior 1.4.x versions - but only minor ones.

Kudos to the following 1.4.2 committers (alphabetical order):

  • Aaron Mahan
  • barefists
  • bgroenks96
  • Brian Groenke
  • Cuchaz
  • Dominic Jones
  • dustContributor
  • Genhis
  • Ryszard-Trojnacki
  • shamanDevel
  • Teencrusher

Here are the download links for Nifty 1.4.2:

For all Maven users:

  • Nifty 1.4.2 is available in the Maven central
  • The groupId has changed from de.lessvoid to com.github.nifty-gui



We need less external dependencies now

The following dependencies are NOT needed anymore on the classpath and should actually be removed from the runtime classpath (if you’re not using Maven where this is managed automatically):

  • eventbus-1.4.jar - has been integrated since we needed to fix a bug, see github issue #364
  • jglfont-core-1.4.jar - has been integrated since we didn’t want to have that project in the maven central
  • jorbis-0.0.17.jar - has been integrated since it was not available in the Maven central which would have been required for Nifty to be there

Quickstart/Demo/Test for none Maven users

You can run the following commands to download and run the Nifty examples from a commandline prompt. The commands given are for running the examples on Mac OS X but it should be easily modifiable to run under Windows and Linux as well.

# This runs the LWJGL example but you can use the same mechanism to run the examples for the
# other supported systems as well. Just swap-out the nifty-*-renderer jar.
cd /tmp
mkdir nifty-1.4.2
cd nifty-1.4.2

# of course you can download this manually as well
curl -O -L http://sourceforge.net/projects/nifty-gui/files/nifty-gui/1.4.2/nifty-1.4.2.zip
unzip nifty-1.4.2

# since we want to run the LWJGL example we download LWJGL as well
curl -O -L http://sourceforge.net/projects/java-game-lib/files/Official%20Releases/LWJGL%202.9.3/lwjgl-2.9.3.zip
unzip lwjgl-2.9.3.zip

# now run the de.lessvoid.nifty.examples.lwjgl.defaultcontrols.ControlsDemoMain example using lwjgl
java -cp \
lwjgl-2.9.3/jar/lwjgl.jar \
-Djava.library.path=lwjgl-2.9.3/native/macosx/ \