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A couple of days ago I talked to ractor (a JME User and the author of the new Nifty 1.3 standard chat control) via ICQ, helping him with some Nifty questions. We used</a> to work in realtime on the same Nifty XML and Java code.

And then it hit me :) What would happen, when there are more people joining in? Directly talking about Nifty things and getting feedback immediatly.

So here is that experiment:

Join us this weekend using IRC on irc://freenode/niftygui</a>. That is is the freenode</a> network, #niftygui channel. Or you can join with the freenode webchat</a>.

Here are the details:

28-May-2011, 14:00 America/Los_Angeles
28-May-2011, 17:00 America/New_York
28-May-2011, 23:00 Europe/Berlin
28-May-2011, 21:00 UTC/GMT