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Today I've finally found the time to review all open feature requests pending in the Nifty Feature Tracker at the project page. I've now decided which of them I'd like to be a part of Nifty 1.3 and I've tagged them with "Nifty 1.3". This has two benefits. First, you know what to expect from Nifty 1.3 (besides lots of little bugfixes and improvements that are already commited) and second, we have a better goal to aim for :-)

Besides some ongoing experiments for a thing that we will call Nifty 2.0 (oops, now I've said it :) ... expect more blogs about it in the coming weeks) I'll now concentrate a bit more to get Nifty 1.3 finished.

You can find the Feature Requests scheduled for Nifty 1.3</a> at the Tracker page at the Nifty page</a>.