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As mentioned previously Nifty is now hosted at using git scm. Nifty SVN is still available but will mainly be used for a bugfix 1.3.1 Release (if severe bugs surface). The 1.3.1-SNAPSHOT source trees of Nifty are still being build automatically with Jenkins and 1.3.1-SNAPSHOT versions are still being deployed to the Maven Repo for Nifty </a>. Besides an eventual 1.3.1 release we will not use SVN anymore.

Consequently the Nifty projects available in the git repo at</a> have been updated to 1.4-SNAPSHOT. 1.4 will be build with Jenkins so that you can find nightly builds of 1.4-SNAPSHOT Nifty projects in the Maven Repo for Nifty </a> as well.

If you had svn write access to the Nifty projects before you will be able to push to git now too.

There is one exception tho: The main development for Nifty happens on the "develop" Branch of the individual projects. Consequently the "develop" branch will be automatically build and deployed by Jenkins (1.4-SNAPSHOT). Pushing to "master" is restricted and is reserved for release candidates. This should allow the development to continue freely on the "develop" branch (or on any other branches as well!).

On another note 1.4 is not scheduled yet in any way and should be considered experimental - at least for the time being. So make sure you wear a safety helmet in case it explodes and stuff :D