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As mentioned before the main work in Nifty 1.3 is on the Standard Controls that come with Nifty. Most of the Nifty 1.3 core features are done, so the work is concentrating on getting all of the Standard controls pimped ;) for 1.3. Many of them have already been updated but some of them still require some work.

The good thing is, that we work on the documentation in parallel as Nifty controls are finished. This means you can now already take a look at the new API that 1.3 will offer in the wiki and you can actually use the Nifty Standard Controls Page in the Nifty wiki</a> as a form of Progress Report for Nifty 1.3 too. When all of the TODO's of that Wiki Page are gone, then Nifty 1.3 will be released :)

More Blog Posts coming. Lots to talk about.