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Well, this was really planned to be a part of yesterdays release announcement but somehow I missed to include it :/

There are a lot of people worth mentioning here that have helped in Niftys development in one way or another, be it forum posts, comments, bug reports or emails. Actually there are countless people and I'd not be able to list them all! But all of that feedback - may it positive or negative - is greatly appreciated! Keep it coming and thanks A LOT for it!

This time I'd really like to mention a couple of special people that have provided direct patches and pull requests for Nifty 1.3.2. First of all there is:

Martin Karing (nitram) of</a></strong>

who provided countless suggestions and patches. He rewrote the Slick2D renderer and pretty much rewrote the Tabs control to make it actually usable. So extra special kudos go out to Martin! :D

Other Nifty 1.3.2 contributors I'd like to thank for improving Nifty are - in alpabetical order:

Jeremy Woertink / jwoertink
Joachim Durchholz / toolforger
Jonathan Fischer Friberg / odyssomay
Mark / ractoc
Tony Ivanov / telamohn

Thank you all. You rock! And see you all in Nifty 2.0! =D