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There is a new Effect available in SVN now. The "gradient" Effect allows you to draw vertical or horizontal gradients. You can use different colors and a percentage or pixel value for the position where the specific color should be.


<value offset="0%" color="#f00f" />
<value offset="20%" color="#0f0f" />
<value offset="60%" color="#00ff" />
<value offset="70%" color="#ff0f" />
<value offset="100%" color="#ffff" />


<img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-117" title="Gradient Example" src="" alt="" width="267" height="200" /></a>

Awesome! :D

You can use different Alpha Values for the colors too to make a gradient overlay elements or you could change the blendMode to multiply before applying the gradient with the "blendMode" effect :)

Have Fun!
void :)