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... actually I really want to release Nifty 1.0 at the end of 2008.

But as we added feature after feature, well, things got a bit unstable and pretty ugly (To be honest ... fubar :). So some parts of the controls broke, some demos broke and parts of nifty turned to crap.

I tried to fix it, but especially the loading code (loading xml and creating the runtime nifty object tree from it) got to messed up for any repair.

So we took a break from it.

But now we're back! :)

I've started rewritting the loader code and everything looks shiny, new and great again. It's not finished yet (control loading is still missing) but it's looking much cleaner than the old stuff.

BTW: I've invented a small little side project while rewritting the loader. It's kinda another XML Java Binding Project that is based around my own little XML-Schema Definition called "Lightweight XML Schema" (lwxs). The project still relies on XPP3 for xml parsing. You can basically describe what your xml file looks like (exactly like XSD but much simpler) and then you can easily read a matching XML file to some representation in java. It's all very simple but made the loader pretty easy :)

And mind you, only the loader was broken! The Nifty core engine has not been changed and is still pretty solid :D

So hang on! Great things are about to happen!

PS: New Wiki Documentation Project for Nifty GUI</a> started.
PPS: Nifty 1.0 - probably available this year! :o)