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Well, Nifty 1.0 should be quite stable now. It's probably not perfect yet but you already get a whole lot to play with already :)

So, what's next with Nifty?

Write more Documentation:

  • Programmers Manual / Introduction to Nifty as a little PDF book is planned. Looking forward to this! :)</li>
  • Reference Wiki for all the Effects and Element Attributes and so on</li>
    Make it more usable:
    • Allow another "language" to define the GUI in (besides XML). Maybe a DSL in groovy or scala or something else :)</li>
    • Fix bugs and other issues</li>
    • Improve the Layout Part and make this more easy and accessible</li>
      Make it more modular:
      • Nifty now depends on Slick for Sound and Image handling. Some people reported that they don't want to be forced to be dependent on Slick. So to have Slick as an Option would be a plus (this is already prepared for but was too much work to finish for 1.0 :)</li>
      • Make even better Slick integration xD</li>
      • Split Nifty into even more modules so that you can only use the part you need (effects for instance could be another jar)</li>
        And that's the current plan!

        Have fun!