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Nifty will now build each midnight automatically. Well, at least when this computer here is running at this time which, erm, should be often :)

Hudson</a> will svn checkout all relevant nifty projects and will then "mvn clean deploy" them to the nifty maven repository at This means that all projects that are already being build with maven and have this in their pom.xml:</id></url>
will automatically get the latest nifty builds!

Currently this means 1.2-SNAPSHOT for Nifty as well as the Nifty Default Controls and the black Style projects and 1.0-SNAPSHOT for the new Nifty Renderer Projects.

Currently the following projects are build each night.


Nifty Renderer</strong></a></a></a></a>

The JME2 Renderer currently has some weird problems being automatically build. So this is not yet available - still working on it:</a>

If you're not using Maven you should still be able to get the SNAPSHOT jars from the URLs mentioned above. Just find the sub directory 1.2-SNAPSHOT or 1.0-SNAPSHOT and get the latest JAR from there. Don't mind the name of the jar tho. It's automatically generated by Maven and it's just named with the build date and time.

Good luck!